bonkie.jpgI always considered myself a swaddle master. Give me a square of cloth and woop, whoosh, swish… instant baby origami.
But this new one…he’s an escape artist.
We’ve been using and utterly adoring the Baby Bonkie from JuJuBeane. It’s so soft and silky. And here’s the thing: a well wrapped baby sleeps longer and better than one who is constantly smacking himself in the face because he has escaped from his well-meaning-mommy origami wrap.
Our baby adores the silky soft Baby Bonkie. He smiles when he sees the distinctive Teddy Blue/Brown dot pattern. We love the blue and tan dots for our son but you can find a whole bunch of cute patterns and prints at the JuJuBean site. I’m pretty tired as I write this and guess why? Bonkie in the wash last night! Lucky for us it washes up beautifully, but according to my husband we need more of these things so we can all get some sleep – even when I have been slacking off on laundry day.
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  1. I just bought a baby bonkie, but where can I get that adorable teddy bear head support?

  2. Hi Michele,
    The head support is part of the Graco Sweetpeace. I reviewed that a couple of months ago and my son still loves it. We’re both addicted to the bonkie and the Sweetpeace – only things that get us some rest!

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