babyboodle1 This review was written by a friend of mine named Melanie who is an OBGYN and the mother of a one year old daughter. She saw the Baby Boodle and couldn’t wait to test it out! A sample was provided by Boodlebags.

Now that I’m on the go much more often with my daughter, a portable diaper changing kit is a must. I just love having something with all the essentials to grab when we’re going out for a quick trip. That’s why the Baby Boodle is great! At 12″x8-1/2″x3″ closed, it is so small that it can fit in my pocketbook, or just looped over the handle of my stroller with the convenient wrist strap.

The Baby Boodle is an attractive wallet-style kit, which unfolds to reveal a large (26” x 12”), flannel-lined changing pad, great for the cold days of winter to come. The essentials are kept in the “wings” at the bottom. A travel-size size wipes container is secured on one side, easily accessible under 2 elastic straps. On the other side, there is another elastic strap which holds up to 3 disposable diapers, or one cloth diaper and wrap, and will also hold a couple of plastic bags for messy clothes! With its Velcro closure, it can also be opened and closed with one hand, a must for diapering on the go!

The Baby Boodle is handmade, is 100% cotton and machine washable. It comes in many whimsical, traditional and modern patterns, something for everyone! Use code MSTYLE15 to save 15% off of your order until December 31, 2009.

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