supplydemand.jpgDiaper changes. Feedings. Things that go “Wah!” in the night. Once you become a parent, it’s easy to feel bogged down with responsibility. Give the people what they want and all that. The people, in this example, being the baby in your midst. He/She can feel like a small crowd at times. A small demanding crowd. Hungry too. Didn’t the last feeding just finish ten minutes ago? Nevermind all that, just think of your elemental role in nature. And economics. Why fight it when you can get a good giggle out of it instead? I can just picture my old college professor at the whiteboard, with a pie chart and a pointer. Mommy = Supply, Baby = Demand.
Of course no pie chart can compare to your dazzling wit and good humor when you sport these adorable and comfy tees from Milkdudz-not your mommaz nursing wear. No need to sacrifice style while doing your “homework”. These tees are constructed from the ground up to give the mommies what they want, for a change. For instance, check out the cute puffy shoulder sleeve on the Supply tee for moms. The cotton is super soft and cushy, keeping everyone in a happy and productive mood. Of course no Supply is complete without a matching baby Demand lap tee. So make sure to score the set. What could be a more perfect tongue-in-chic shower gift too for a corporate mommy to be who’s about to learn about Supply and Demand in a whole new fashion!
Mommies with Style flex additional economic muscle when you enter the code MDZ15 for 15% off your entire offer at Milkdudz. Check out their clever nursing aprons and gowns as well while you are there. Milkdudz supplies several nifty products sure to make the daily demands of breastfeeding a little more luxurious for you.

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