Love your nursing pillow, but don’t want to lug it around every time you leave the house (believe me, I’ve done that). Well, there’s a better solution and it combines a nursing pillow AND a stylish diaper bag.

Warm Milk’s Baby Hobo Convertible Diaper Bag ($95) converts into a nursing pillow. Just take this awesome diaper bag (which we’ll talk about later) and place on your lap (make sure it’s zipped shut first), and then clip it around your waist (using the shoulder strap) and pull it snug. It will fit mommies of all sizes. Then lift up the secured flap and unzip around to reveal the plush pillow. Place baby on the pillow and you’re good to go!

You can place a water bottle and a book in the pockets that hang down (so you can be comfy while you nurse). When you’re done, zip it back up (hint, do it BEFORE you stand up, so it doesn’t go flying). The diaper bag, has an insane amount of pockets (17), both inside and outside, a cushioned changing pad, 2 insulated bottle pockets with a cinch cord (so you can contain spills), stroller attachment rings (any brand of stroller connectors should work -we used Fleurville’s), and the adjustable, cushy non-slip shoulder strap. And another reason to love the Baby Hobo Convertible Diaper Bag – I can pack it full and it’s still light and easy to carry. The dual functionality of this diaper bag is terrific and it really did help me to breastfeed out of the house.

The company, founded by Patricia and Markus Peters, just introduced two new luxe styles, the Black Swan and Pink Celestial Dragon — which will be on sale in October.


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