bfmtee.bmp These baby tees are a wrap! Why do I say this? Because if you are looking for a perfect little baby gift, your work is done. Search no more. Adorably packaged, witty, clever and trendy, these movie tees from Baby Fishmouth are a definite go-to for all your new baby gifting needs.
The concept is simple brilliance – all the soft cotton tees take you back to a fave film, and feature an unforgettable line, injected of course, with a little baby humor and style. Choose from classics such as:
bfmbox.jpg “He made me a bottle I couldn’t refuse”
“I’m the king of the crib”
“this cry goes to eleven”
Whatever your favorite movie line, you can look forward to the tee arriving ready for it’s close up. It will be shipped gift ready, hand packed in a cute popcorn box with tissue and cello wrap. It’s just the kind of effortless but graceful gifting performance that gets gift givers like you nominated for an academy award, every time.
Shop Baby FIsh Mouth today – and support baby movie literacy.

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