Valentines Day takes on a whole new dimension when you have a baby. All that love, sweet baby love…
However. Sometimes your bundle of joy leaves you feeling like you are living in a warzone. Sleep deprived, adult company deprived, and in need of a good chuckle. Which is why I recommend putting your little love-bomb in one of these “I Love the Smell of Baby Powder in the Morning” tees by Baby Fish Mouth. Enjoy the cuteness/cleverness of this tee that references Apocolypse now, and fondly remember the days when your movie literacy was not limited to which Baby Einsteins video has the Dog, the Monkey or the Giraffe. This tee may even make you laugh. Laughter is the first step to getting your groove back, sister.
All this in a cute popcorn-box packaged tee? Too much to ask for? I think not. Plus there is a coupon. Use code HEART09 to save 20%.

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