ss Babyhood is going way too quick and she’s looking like a big kid (almost). Someone slow time down!!

She’s a cuddler. Wants to be carried all afternoon. Problem? Not really when there are so many options for wearing my baby. Right now I’m wearing her in a MetroWrap by MetroMamma which I received as a sample. The MetroWrap is a really long, really soft fabric. It takes a bit of practice, to get used to using the MetroWrap, but its a really comfortable way to wear your baby. I definitely have to wrap, and wrap, and wrap it around me. Once its attached, my baby is super comfortable in this versatile wrap. She can be held face-in which is great for breastfeeding, and when she’s a little bigger, she  can also be held face-out. Watch the video to learn how to wrap your child with a MetroWrap. Baby will be comfortable being held and you’ll be comfortable holding her in a soft, comfortable fabric that wraps perfectly to your body.

If you live, well, anywhere in the US this month, you’ve noticed that its hot. Steamy. Humid. With heat index near 100, I’d love to just stay home and avoid the heat. But I’m a mom of 3 and staying home isn’t exactly possible. Taking her to a carnival last week I was yelled at by an EMT. Seriously, I thought she was going to call CPS because I was outside with my baby girl. I suddenly saw a use for the Sprout Shell and tossed it in my diaper bag for the next time I’m out and the mean EMT is around. The Sprout Shell has multiple uses. It can be fashioned over your baby carrier (which is definitely how I’m using it). Its a light-weight cloth with elastic all around the edges and fits perfectly over any baby carrier (I’ve tried it on 2), blocking the sun and (someday) the wind. Its also used as a nursing cover as the opening for the carrier handle is big enough to fit over your head, with the elastic stretching the fabric over your baby. Finally, use it to cover a shopping cart or high chair, with that same opening providing leg space. I love multi-use products, especially when they fit in my diaper bag!

Still, we’re spending a lot of time inside this summer. And new toys definitely help to pass the day along. Set up on our train table is our PlanCity, which the boys have have for about 2 years. Our newest addition to the city is the Plan Activity Bus. Its actually bigger than other PlanCity toys (the bus is a super, huge monstrous bus compared to the cars, trucks and buses in PlanCity). Still, we love that this toy opens up and there’s a classroom inside. Just in time for back to school, its providing lots of playtime fun!

She’s sleeping really well… which is wonderful and I can’t complain (for fear of being flamed in the comments!) So rather than complain I’m just going to vent about the fact that my breasts get full. Painfully full. And I’ve never been a fan of pumping. But at least its easy with Ameda’s Purely Your’s Ultra. The electric double pump has been simple and has allowed for quick pumping and filling of baby’s bottles for future use. Read my review here.


  1. I LOVE my metrowrap. I too am a new second-time mother and my son always wants to be carried! I received an Ultimate Baby Wrap as a gift, and while I do like it, it’s not perfect and was definitely time for an upgrade! (plus you do need a backup when one is being washed). I am almost obsessively an “informed shopper”. I never purchase anything, particularly anything pricey,without researching it to death. I fell in love with the Metrowrap colors and designs but almost did not make the purchase because there is surprisingly little info out there. For the price (The Bling Wrap retails for $129.99)I wasn’t sure I wanted to take the risk, but I am so glad that I did!! It is a stretch wrap that is made from this amazing material that bounces back to its original shape. I definitely have to re-wrap if I remove the baby and wish to put him back in, but can also leave it on without looking like I have a horrible misshapen drape on, which is great in public. I am becoming pretty proficient in the art of babywearing and this wrap maintains its shape well enough to do the “bounce and re-tie” if I have removed him and wish to put him back in. It is super-comfy and supportive enough that I don’t ever need to re-tie or re-position him while wearing. I am so glad that I made the investment!! I even found them for $75 at so I am going to buy a couple more. I never thought I would subscribe to babywearing, but especially with number two it is so much more convenient. My next investment is the Ergo – can’t wait!!!

  2. I am also the mother of a 3 week old (24 days, actually!), and I love your reviews! I will definitely have to check out that MetroWrap. It looks VERY useful! Thanks for your time, and I’ll be reading!

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