mb Wow. One month old. How did that happen? She’s growing and changing keeping all of us on our toes. No surprise, she’s our little princess and we’re falling to her every need.

Hats off to Diapers.com for making my life so much easier. There’s nothing as nice as ordering diapers and finding them at your doorstep before 7 am the next morning. I have enough confidence in Diapers.com that I haven’t stressed out about having only 5 diapers left yet.

Last week I received a Britax Chaperone stroller. Its made to attach to our Chaperone carseat/baby carrier and its wonderful. Its a full-size stroller with a sturdy frame, enormous and easily available basket and a simple fold. Its a bit heavier than I would have liked since I’m still working up my strength after a not-so-ideal recovery, but on the bright side, the weight of this stroller keeps it steady and ensures me baby is a lot safer than the travel system I used in the past. The wheel base is secure and much thinner than many other strollers–I’m now fitting between most aisles. The combination of the Chaperone stroller and infant seat put this travel system in its own category–its fancier and finer than most. Get a $100 rebate when you purchase both the Chaperone Stroller and the Chaperone Infant Seat before December 31. This week, you can also enter to win a Chaperone stroller and infant seat when you join Britax’s Facebook fan page and answer their wall question.

I have quite a variety in nursing bras. I’m really liking the Organic Easy Bra by Majamas. Its a tank-style bra with a crossover, which means there are no clips, buttons or snaps to attach detach. When you need to quickly feed, just cross the tank over to the outside of your breast and feed with ease. Its comfortable (no wires, no hooks, no adjustments) and really easy.  Get 10% off all nursing products (final price $24.30) when you use coupon code NursingWeek09 at Figure 8 Maternity.

Last week I tried not to gloat, but our girl is a sleeper. In fact, since she was 5 days old, there’s only been one night that she hasn’t slept through the night. I give a lot of the credit to a good swaddle. And I’ve found the best way to get a great, strong swaddle is by using a Miracle Blanket. In fact that one night that she didn’t sleep through, the Miracle Blankets were both in the washing machine. I’ve since ordered more so that that won’t happen again! Order 2 or more and everyone can take advantage of Miracle Blanket’s twin discount of 15% off.


  1. I LOVED the Miracle Blankets when my boys were babies. I had to have two, in case one was in the laundry. Loaned them to other friends as well. And still recommend or give them as gifts to pregnant friends. Couldn’t have survived without ’em! 🙂

  2. I swear by the Amazing Miracle Swaddling blanket. For reals. Glad to hear you’re a fan.

  3. We’re using Babyganics to clean up all the stuff that our baby comes in contact with. It’s mild stuff that cleans well.

  4. Good post! I’ll take a tip or two from your advice in handling babies. I agre with Dana with the babgyganics stuff – it works and it’s organic. Here’s a link, hope it helps: http://www.babyganics.com

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