As of this past week, all of my kids are walkers. I can see that my days as a stroller pushing mama are numbered. My boys are 4 and 1. They are active and love to explore. But at the end of a long play session at the neighborhood park, day at the beach or lap around the mall, they want to sit down and get taken for a ride. We still need a stroller that can carry the kids and our stuff, but we’ve moved from a fulltime stroller mode to a parttime one. We’re moving faster and travelling farther and wider and as such, we’re streamlining and trying to lighten our load.
We asked friends, family and several stroller experts to tell us the best all around double stroller for an active family on the go. We wanted lightweight, versatile, easy to push and most important – easy to fold in a hurry! We wanted this stroller to be great for neighborhood strolls but also easy to throw in the car for trips to the mall, farmers market etc. It didn’t have to be an all terrain vehicle or perform as a jogger but it did have to stand up to bumpy sidewalks, sports fields and brisk walks for fitness. It had to be comfy enough for a nap during an all day outing. We also wanted something with a reasonable price tag, since most people (like us) are streamlining their budgets these days as well.
The winner? Baby Jogger’s City Mini Double did all we asked and more. I only wish I’d found this stroller a litter earlier on. When it comes to a double stroller for us now, it really is the City Mini Double… or nothing!
Continue reading for the all the juicy details, slide show and video of this stroller’s amazing fold.

The Push/Ride:
The Baby Jogger City Mini is an absolute pleasure to push. Even loaded with my brawny 4yo and 1 year old toddler, the stroller spins nimbly and does not feel heavy to steer. This was probably the first thing I noticed about the City Mini, when compared with other doubles that can be cumbersome or weighty. The stroller itself is very lightweight, with locking, quick release stroller wheels. The wheels are not air filled – the are a much lighter weight EVA tire, but this is not as issue for the push/ride as the stroller has an excellent suspension system and the wheels have sealed bearings that keep the ride super smooth, even on bumpy pavement. The handle is a textured rubbery material with a nice easy grip that I appreciated. It seems extremely durable – not prone to nicking and scarring and cracking like foam can be.
Note: The handle height on this stroller is not adjustable. I found the height to be comfortable for me at 5 “6” and my husband who is 6 ft tall was also comfortable. My sitter at 5 “3” also was pleased with the stroller and did not find the handle uncomfortable. It might be a little high however for women closer to 5 ft tall.

The Seating:

The seats on the Baby Jogger City Mini Double both recline fully, and seperately. This makes the stroller suitable for use from infancy onwards (wish we’d had one sooner!) The seats are padded and the five point harnesses (with no pinch buckles) are also nicely padded. I love the clever venting around the seat so that when it is fully reclined, air can still circulate – the baby is in a private little mesh “tent”. If the weather is inclement, or breezy, or you want to give your child a little more shade, the mesh can be quickly covered by an attached fabric cover. Over sized independent canopies also offer ample shade and protection from the elements. The fabric seat covers are durable, removable and washable.
My active baby is very content and comfortable to sit in this stroller (when he must be confined!), but more surprisingly, my four and half yr old who is pushing the charts at the 99%ile for height is also able to sit comfortably and even snooze in this stroller. Unless your child is a true giant, this stroller should also see you through all your strolling years as well.
Accessories and storage:
The stroller offers a generous basket underneath with room for a diaper bag, a couple of sweaters and even a toy or two. Additional storage on the seat backs catches all your smaller items – sunglasses, keys, sippy cup. (A beverage holder is also available)
There is a clever universal accessory mounting bracket on the front of this stroller that makes accedsorizing with belly bars, child trays and more, a snap. I should note that at this time the City Mini Double does not have a carseat adapter. There is a pram insert for use with infants under 6m. and Baby Jogger is working on a secure adapter that will allow parents to use their carseat with this double.
The Fold:
This stroller is hands down, the easiest double on the market to fold and throw into the back of your car. It almost has to be seen to be believed. Basically you grab two handles in the seat, pull up and viola! Folded! It’s such a pleasure that you will be spoiled for other stroller folds once you have experienced this. Once folded it is so compact and lightweight (even more so with the wheels released) that it is easier to take in and out of your vehicle than many lightweight single strollers. You will not hesitate to bring the double when it is the Baby Jogger City Mini.
The Baby Jogger City Mini Double comes in five attractive colors. For more info on where to buy the Baby Jogger City Mini and some excellent video footage of the stroller’s many points, see the Baby Jogger website.


  1. We have the city mini single stroller and I’m not so thrilled with it. I find the basket to be WAY too small and I think it’s annoying that baby jogger makes you buy all the attachments — shouldn’t a stroller COME with a cup holder? Does the double feel tippy at all? Sometimes I worry that the single will tip over…
    I keep writing more and more about it on my blog —

  2. this stroller does have a car seat adapter for one car seat. My stoller should arrive today! Yeah!

  3. I own a stroller rental company in the Orlando, FL area. The Baby Jogger City series is hands down the best stroller – especially for those who need a quick, easy fold before loading onto Disney transportation. They have a very large sun retractable canopy that provides much needed cover for the bright FL sunshine. The reclining seats make a great napping place for tired kids in WDW. In addition, the high weight capacity accommodates children up to 5 years old. My business would not be as successful as it is without these amazing strollers.

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