Strollers are like diaper bags in that every Mom I know seems to be on the never-ending search to find the “perfect” one. With strollers, it’s always something – it doesn’t recline enough; there’s not enough space; it pivots too easily; it doesn’t pivot; it doesn’t have enough storage, and a million other complaints I’ve heard and experienced. It’s why I rarely review strollers, I’m particular as I know many other Moms are.
Well, I recently saw the Baby Jogger City Series and I was impressed enough to write this review. First off, this stroller puts my current jogging stroller (a discontinued Eddie Bauer) to shame. It’s much more compact than most of the joggers I’ve seen, yet there’s more storage space and more space for my son. It has a 75-pound weight limit, ample enough to last many years.
Another feature I can’t get enough of is the adjustable handle. The handle isn’t usually a problem for my 5’6″ self, as most strollers are made for average-height Mommies. But my husband is several inches over 6′ and is constantly feeling like he’s hunching over and kicking the base of a stroller when he’s trying to push it. The City Series has an adjustable handle that goes to several different positions – what I’ll dub the short, medium and tall person adjustments. We tested out the “tall” adjustment and my husband was in heaven.
Other nifty features: it folds easily and compactly; the front wheel can be locked for running or left free to swivel; it has incredible storage. It comes in navy, black or red.
I should note that this stroller is not a traditional stroller – it’s more of a hybrid between an everyday stroller and a jogger. It’s designed for brisk walks and walks on bumpy sidewalks and rougher terrain than your regular every day stroller can handle. If you’re a serious jogger, you’d want to consider one of their other “official” jogging strollers.
You can buy the City Series in a number of places: I like Let’s Go Strolling. They have free shipping on all orders of $75 or more, and you can get a free cupholder with purchase with the use of coupon code MOMCUP. The City Series is $349.95 there, and I like it there because you can customize extra add-ons you want on your stroller, and because they do stroller consultations and fit you to the perfect stroller. You can also use coupon code MWS10 for $10 off your order of $100 or more. has it for $339.95 with free shipping and you can use coupon code MommiesSpring06 for $10 off all orders of $100 or more. Or another competitive price option is, which has it listed at $332.45 (they have free shipping on orders over $75.)

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