The latest in Baby Jogger’s line of strollers is the City Series Mini. I’m loving it – which shouldn’t come as a surprise because I’d loved my City Series Single and Double. So with a 4 year old and a 15 month old, I’m definitely in a position to downgrade my stroller size. I’ve been using my City Series Single with a ride-on-board on the back when I have both boys with me. But even the regular City Series Single is wider than I’ve needed of late.
So I was thrilled to check out the Mini. It has all the perks of the other City Series strollers, only it’s more lightweight and compact. It’s a little less “joggy” feeling too. Even though the City Series isn’t designed for jogging (it’s more of a everywhere stroller – good for brisk walks and things), I’ve definitely taken it out for power walks and slow jogs. The Mini’s less sporty yet it still has the easy maneuverability I love so much out of the Baby Joggers. But this one is definitely not intended even for jogging, and I can’t see really using it in this capacity.
This is better for a mall trip, quick in-and-out of the store and short walks.
Features I adore:

  • It’s got the quick fold. This stroller, and the other City Series strollers, are by far the easiest fold strollers I have. They have a strap on the butt of the seat that says “FOLD” — it couldn’t be easier, you lift it up like a handle and it folds right down. What’s great is too with this latest stroller is that it’s so lightweight – the first couple times I went to fold it, I found myself flinging it up in the air because I’m so accustomed to heavier strollers. This folds and carries like a dream.
  • Easy recline – the extended seat strap is easily adjusted and goes almost flat.
  • The adjustable weather cover is fantastic – it goes all of the way down to the base of the stroller – I can’t imagine any ray of sunlight ever hitting my child if I didn’t want it to, using the weather cover on the Mini. In fact, I think this is their best weather cover/sun shade yet.
  • Easy parking with the foot pedal/lock.
  • That it’s totally customizable with about a zillion add-on accessories that are dreamy, including a snack tray, bug canopy, parent console, foot muff and more.

The basket’s not as big as I’d hope for – but then again I can’t really complain as the reality is that if you have a small stroller, you’re going to have a small basket. (It’s my same dreamy nature that makes me want a tuck-under-the-armpit bag that will fit the world in it. Ain’t gonna happen, Whitney.)
The Mini comes as a double as well. You can see all the details and specs about the stroller on Baby Jogger’s website. It retails for $199.99.

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