babykaed.jpg Oh lord won’t you buy me, a rockin’ hip bag?
My friends all have Prada, and I’ve got some slag!
Worked hard all last evening, no sleep have I had.
So lord won’t you buy me a rockin’ hip bag?
Anyone who knows me knows I am a bag lady. I believe in bags. They have a special power, the power to produce soothing comfort, to provide utility, to get you through the day. The right bag is a lifesaver. And the wrong bag, as a new mom, is as disastrous as a huge zit on prom night. It can really traumatize you.
So why put yourself through that trauma? You’re already sleep deprived and wearing clothing optimistically labelled as “transitional” (aka, temporary – will not ever wear this again once I get the weight off). You don’t need some icky sticky plastic concoction with tampon-box like flowers. And don’t kid yourself into trying to take out your old designer bags packed up with a leaky baby bottle. What you need, my friend, is a bag that looks marvelous without compromising function and turning your day into a disaster. What you need, is a Baby Kaed Jaipur bag.
These bags combine luxuriously soft, but sturdy pebbled leather exterior, with organized to the maximum interiors. Wipes case, binky pouch, wet bag, leather cosmetics case and interior and exterior pockets galore, this bag is a pocketphiles dream come true. The spacious interior ensures many glorious Mary Poppins moments in the months to come. You know what I mean… the ones where you smile beautifically and whip out just the thing to make the world right again?
The generous strap drop and wide straps make for a secure on the shoulder, and comfortable fit.
I tested this bag in the juicy orange color which was as refreshing as a shot of fresh squeezed OJ. Really added oomph to my summer look and I see it sparking up my fall wardrobe as well. It’s amazing how many outfits orange matches with. Rest assured that the bag comes in several neutrals as well though, if you are a brown/black/beige kinda gal.
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