loveletters.jpg As a new mom, I always intended to journal my babys’ accomplishments. I meant to preserve the date and the feelings I had with each milestone, from rolling over, to first teeth, to first steps.
But the fact of the matter was that I was exhausted when my kids cut their first teeth. They had not slept in days, nor had I. I didn’t have the time to scrapbook, and journal. All the expensive stickers, paper, scissors and supplies I had stockpiled sat unused. Mocking me. The best I could manage at the time, was a star on the family calendar and an email to my mom.
If only I’d had the Baby Love Letters box from Canopy cards. In less time than my calendar/email routine, I could have done a much better job of preserving the memory. This ingenious boxed set of little cards makes it easy on us. Just pull out a pre-designated, and beautifully decorated card each time baby reaches a milestone, jot a note to baby, and stick the card in it’s envelope, right back in the box. By the end of the year you will have a keepsake to treasure forever. And no scissors needed! Sets come in pink/blue and brown/blue combos. Mommies With Style save 15% off regular retail of $27 when you email your order.
I’d better get cracking before I need the “you’ve left for college” box!

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