Img_2364I have not had an easy time entering double stroller land — but I’ve found a great choice — the Baby Planet Unity Sport Lightweight Twin Stroller ($319.99). I had researched and tested a few doubles and even tried to get by with a single stroller as long as possible. But I knew I had to face the fact that I needed a double stroller, with a 12lb baby girl and a 27 lb toddler who prefers to ride.

But there were some variables in the equation. We live in an apartment in a urban area (so space –both storage and width is an issue). I have to navigate though 3 doorways, plus an elevator, before we even get to our car (we have a garage next to our building). The double stroller would have to be compact, lightweight and fit in my front closet and my Camry’s trunk easily. It had also had to have great suspension too (I just can’t use a stroller if the suspension is poor). So, then began the tandem vs.side- by-side stroller debate. After trying out a few tandems, I just felt that a side-by-side was the better choice right now, even though I knew I would have to squeeze through doorways and store aisles.

I had been eying the  Baby Planet Unity Sport Lightweight Twin for a while. This side-by-side umbrella stroller had everything I was looking for. I was impressed with how lightweight it was (for a double), with a compact fold (and yes, it fit in my front closet).

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We had no problem going through most store aisles with the Unity SportProd_im_101202rt_34left_2 Lightweight Twin, but we were too wide for some local stores (they were tight when I used a single too). Though we fit through the some aisles much better than in my all terrain side- by-side (like at the local library, for example). I also really liked the stroller donation & recycling program — when you are finally done with your stroller days, Baby Planet will donate your stroller to a needy family or recycle the stroller! And you can ship it back to them for free.

Putting it Together:

It was simple to put together (just add wheels, hoods and the two parent cup holders –nice touch). I didn’t even have to read the directions for more than a minute (to make sure I got the hoods on correctly).

The Ride:

The Unity Sport has good suspension (a big plus for me). It also has two things that make it unique from other types of double strollers — the "Easy Steer" handle and the "Room-to-Walk" rear center wheel. The "Easy Steer" handle (looks like an oval) was cool and made it really easy to steer (and yes, even one-handed). The "Room-to-Walk" rear center wheel leaves more room for walking and you’re not going to kick the wheels, even if you are a fast walker (like me) or tall (unlike me).

The Seats:

The five-point harnesses were easily adjustable and the crotch straps had a little velcro padded cover. The seats seemed very narrow, but my 2 1/2 year old (who’s around 26 lbs and is tall) had no problem fitting comfortably in the seat. He also had room to grow on top. The softly padded seats, with the extended leg rests, were very comfortable for both of my children. The almost flat recline was perfect for the baby (who is 4 1/2 months at press time). The seats recline by pulling the strap behind the seat.


The under baskets were larger than a traditional umbrella stroller. You may miss a Maclaren-like handle so you can hang your diaper bag or shopping bags on it, but I ended up using the slip-knot from my Fleurville Lexie Tote on the handle (it fit beautifully!) or you could always use Stroller Swivlers or the Mommy Hook. Carry You also makes pannier bags and organizational products that would work great to give you some room. I’m a big fan of the two included cup holders — I can carry a latte and a water bottle (but you can see only one cup holder on when I took this picture, with my SIGG Bottle).

Sun Exposure:

Since we have very fair skin, I like strollers with hoods that can tilt forward to protect my children from theImg_2362
sun. Once you unhook the two velcro tabs the top side of each hood, they will tilt forward! Which thrilled me, because my toddler was not wearing sunscreen when we strolled to the library the other day.

The Fold:

It’s a typical umbrella stroller fold, with a lock on either side. To unfold, just undo the side auto fold locks and push down on both center foot levers. Very effective and easy.


  •       Patented "Easy-Steer" handle      
  •       "Room-to-Walk" rear center wheel, improves walking stride      
  •       Lightweight aluminum frame      
  •       2 adult cup holders      
  •       "Comfort-Padded" reclining seats      
  •       "Easy-Use" 5 point harness with comfort covers      
  •       "Peak-A-Boo" windows in canopies      
  •       Adjustable leg support      
  •       Front wheel swivel locks      
  •       2 Auto fold locks      
  •       Oversized storage baskets (holds 10 lbs each max)      
  •       For ages 1 month and up      
  •       Each child up to 55lbs; 130lbs max weight      
  •       Free Recycling Program
  •       27.5 lbs & 29" W (thanks to Let’s Go Strolling for this last stat) 

It comes in three colors- Red Tech, Terracotta and Charcoal.

Final Say: Great all around double – good for walks around town and car usage. At 27 lbs, its pretty light for a double. I wish they would come out with some other color-ways (love their brown and pink combo on the Solo Deluxe and Monarch Butterfly black and orangey coral color combo on the Endangered Species line) — but I do like the gray/red Red Tech version we tested.   

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  1. Great review. I would have never figured that thing out about the velcro tabs to lower down the top. I’m glad that you pointed that out!

  2. Thanks so much for your double stroller reviews!

    You said the Maclaren Twin Techno was the best double stroller after reviewing the Baby Planet Unity, but is the Techno worth the extra price? I think I could fit both in the back of my Honda Pilot.

    Also, have you tested the Maclaren Twin Triumph – how does it compare to the Unity and Techno? If so, are the features of the Unity and Techno worth the extra $100 plus (current prices: Twin $230 (sale), Unity $320, Techno $380)?

    Thanks alot if you get the chance to respond!!!

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