It’s all about the packaging, right? Here’s one that takes the cake on packaging and it’s just too fun as a gift for that friend who loves eating sushi: Baby Rolls from Sam & Bellie. These onesies come organized in a take-out sushi box and are wrapped up in tissue to look like the roll you’ve ordered.
We’ve got the Spicy Tuna roll; it’s been sitting on my table waiting for this review and I have to admit I’m pretty desperate in this pregnancy because every time I look at it, it makes me count down my weeks of pregnancy left (two!) until I have this baby and I can indulge in some sushi and sake again.
Select from Spicy Tuna, Edamame and Shrimp Roll – each onesie is priced at $27 and you can get up to 18m. For an extra $3, throw in a baby-sized wasabi and tamago soap piece to add to the authentic look of this package.
Use coupon code SB2006 for 10% off any orders on Sam and Bellie’s website over $100.

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