sherpa.gif In the world of diaper bags, Baby Sherpas are the true professionals. You may feel comfortable with an amateur bag for a quick trip to Starbucks. But for that all day outing at the zoo? Or that 11 hour trip back east to see Grandma? Well then it’s time to pack it all up in a hardworking backpack style bag. It’s time to reach for a real performer that was inspired by the climbers of Mt Everest.
Baby Sherpa bags were designed with some serious parenting in mind. No convenience has been overlooked. Dads love this bag too because there is a place for everything and it does not make them look like a dork who is digging through their wife’s purse. They can appreciate that this bag is not for wimps and it means business. Celeb dads Brad Pitt and Tiger Woods are fans of this bag. The functional features and ways you can make this bag work are almost too numerous to list, but I’m here to give you a basic tour.
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The Coolers:
The bottom part of the bag is a generously sized mylar lined insulated compartment. Keep your food and beverages cold (or warm) in here. A mesh pouch at the top of the compartment holds your ice pack in place, if you use one. Want to keep your own water cool and baby’s bottle warm? No problem. A detachable insulated bottle pocket on the outside of the bag keeps everything just the right temperature.
The Pockets:
When it comes to bags like this, you really can’t have too many can you? The pockets on the Baby Sherpa are not gratuitous. They all serve a higher purpose. On the inside, up top, there are easy to access separate compartments for diapers and wipes, a change of clothes, and toiletry/first aid items. These interior compartments easily hold all your diapering needs, a change of clothes and a lightweight blanket. The dense foam padded diaper changing pad slips into it’s own dedicated compartment along the backside of the bag and does double duty as added padding and back support when you are wearing this bag. Then there are all the outside pockets. Two zippered and two mesh outer pockets contain all the stuff you need to grab in a hurry.
The Hangers on:
You know how kids always want to bring along a blanket or stuffie? And then they get sick of carrying it? Or how they get too hot when you get to where you are going and hand you (their sherpa) their sweater? How about when their shoes get all sandy at the beach and they refuse to put them back on? You could not, or would not want to shove all this excess gear into a normal diaper bag. But with the Sherpa you have a way to carry them, and remain hands free. Because the Sherpa has toy loops , plastic hooks with carabiners and bungee cord lacing on the outside. Stuff that blankie and stuffie under the bungee cord x, clip those shoes onto a caribiner and carry on! Additional clips, hooks, and rings are provided on the straps for you to attach keys, cell phone or anything and everything else you might ever want to have dangling at arms reach.

The Ergonomics:

This bag is designed to get you there with all your stuff intact, including your own back. So you can skip that trip to the chiropractor’s office. The Baby Sherpa has been ergonomically designed and includes sternum and hip straps for those days when your journey is extra long and your load is extra heavy. The shoulder straps are heavily padded and adjustable for any size.
The Finishing Touches:
Everything from the rough and tumble exterior cloth, to the high quality tough as nails zippers and sturdy mesh, is designed to perform and to last. This is a bag you can take with you anywhere, anytime. It’s up to the challenge. Some thoughtful additions to the exterior that we appreciate include reflective tape accents for nighttime visibility and a carrying handle on the top of the bag for grab and go convenience. It’s also nice to know that this bag will serve you well long past the diaper days. It’s an excellent bag for hiking, for students, or to store all your video/photography equipment. You’ll never outgrow this bag.
It’s easy to see why these bags are popular with celebrities who travel with their kids regularly. Brad Pitt has been spotted carrying the camo version of one of these bags and more recently, Elin and Tiger Woods received these bags for their all day outings. Tiger got the full size Baby Sherpa and Elin got the scaled down Short Haul version in blue and gold – the colors of Sweden, her native country.
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