Sparewear_2It happens to the best babies. The public blowout, the sudden spit up, the mashed potato mess. And though you try and prepare yourself for the inevitable, it’s easy to get caught out without a change of clothes. Even veteran diaper bag packers such as myself have been known to dress their poor soiled babies in little more than a paper napkin and rush home for a change. For shame!

The problem I had in the past was not having a designated disaster preparedness kit like the one that Baby Sparewear so excellently puts together. Sure I have been known to toss an extra tee in the bag, but then my husband uses it and I forget to check when I head out on the next trip and we all know this story has a baby wearing a paper napkin at the end, right? And do you like how I blamed my husband?

The Baby Sparewear kit ($30-$52) comes pre-packed in it’s own handy little pouch. Inside you get two tops and a bottom. The clothing is soft and thin and the packed pouch is stylish, sleek and unbulky.Toss one of these in your diaper bag or stash one in your glove compartment and you are good to go. No more leaving the house unprepared. And just to be on the safe side around my stash-raiding hubby, I’m going to be sure to pack a spare Baby Sparewear set in the daddy bag. We currently have the Fashion Fix Cordura Chic set in sky blue ($52). My only concern about it is that the clothes are so soft and adorable that I find myself half hoping the baby will barf on himself so I can change him into them. A little twisted, no?

Several celebs are fans and users of Baby Sparewear. Christina Aguilera and Nicole Richie have the Fashion Fix kit in Silver Nightlife ($42) with the chic black 3-piece set. Jennifer Lopez & Marc Anthony have the same Fashion Fix kits in the Cordura Chic sky blue tie-dye ($52) as well as the blush pink heart($52) for their twins. Salma Hayek is also well prepared for her jet-setting life with a Fashion Fix kit in pink and fuchsia ($42) for little Valentina.

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