IMG_0251.JPGI’ve already proclaimed my love of Zoobie Pets. These clever stuffed animals are the perfect travel companion, serving as a pal, a pillow and holding inside, a super snuggly blanket. No surprise that all of my children have a Zoobie that they won’t leave home without. All except the baby that is. Up until recently he was on Zoobie hold, waiting to grow into the pet we had selected for him. At only six months of age he is somewhat small for a full sized stuffed animal and requires a much smaller blanket.
The geniuses behind Zoobie pets must have heard his impatient cries because they have just created a Baby sized Zoobie pet that is, to use the words of Goldilocks, “Just Right” for little ones.
elephant.jpgOur baby could not be happier. He’s on the road the most of all of our kids, napping in the carpool line and snoozing while cruising the grocery aisles. Now he doesn’t have to snooze alone. He has a fabulous Baby Elephant Zoobie to keep him company and ensure that he stays comfy. I can’t think of a better baby present for a family on the go!

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