CCC-plandomeset.jpgAre you always on the prowl for that perfect pair of jeans? I know I am, well that is several perfect pairs. This extends even to my 8 month old daughter. Especially since her jeans can be adorned so much cuter than I can get away with wearing. Her latest denim is pair of appliquéd jeans from CCC Gifts. They are so so cute. The jeans that we.. er.. she has are embellished with a lady bug on one knee and a flower on the other, and the bottom of the legs are rimmed with butterfly and flower ribbon. My daughter looks adorable wearing them. And if you are a sucker for personalization like I am, you have to check out CCC Gifts. They have an array of unique, custom clothing, accessories and gift items – all adorable from pets to babies to ladies, to men to golf lovers too… the list goes on.
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