Hi Mommies… after a grueling four hour delay in Orlando airport (and circling in the air for another hour once we actually got to Philly – oh so fun when you have a 16 month old lap child), we’re home safe and sound! I have plenty of Disney-related reviews coming which I can’t wait to share.
So now that I’m back, I had a couple things that happened while I was gone that I wanted to fill you guys in on:
We’ve added a star ratings button below each review on the homepage. We thought this would be a fun way for you to interact with our reviews – let us know what you think! Someone emailed in to ask what you’re rating – you’re rating the product, not our writing (But that did make me laugh – please don’t rate my writing – I’m the typo queen!)
Hot Moms Club: The big news I wanted to share with you include the launch of the Hot Moms Club Super Community. Some of you may be familiar with their site – the exciting news is that they’ve launched a new community for their users, and Mommies with Style is a part of it. You can check out our group and join through this button. It’s a neat spot to view info on a bunch of different Mom and kid-friendly websites and communities. The button will take you through to view all of the new partners of their Community (including us) and you can register and join any group you want from there.
Facebook: This last one is regarding Facebook – are you on? I have a bit of an unhealthy obsession with the site (gotta get my daily Scrabble fix). I’ve created a Mommies with Style page there as well so you can become a fan of Mommies with Style if you’re on Facebook and you read our site. (Because, as if the million other ways we can all connect online isn’t sufficient, here’s another!) Seriously, it’s fun and come join if you’re a Facebook user.

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