Out at a kid’s birthday party last weekend, my husband remarked, “hey, is plaid back in style?” He was commenting because most of the Moms at the party (located outside at a horse farm) were in plaid shirts with jeans and boots of some kind. Of course this observation doesn’t help my attempt to have him KonMari his side of the closet because it only affirmed that “if I hold onto something long enough, it’ll come back in style!” He still has a big pile of plaid shirts from the 90s and his college days.

He is right though on one thing – plaid is back in style and everywhere you turn, it’s being shown. Just two weeks ago, Elle Magazine ran this article on the 25 best plaid shirts for the season and talked about how all the celebs are now wearing plaid.

I’m slowly getting back into it but what I do like about it is the ability to buy a big, comfy button down boyfriend shirt to pair with leggings. The shirt has to be nice and long to cover your tush or else you don’t have any business pairing it with leggings (See: Leggings Ain’t Pants PSA)

I hit up Old Navy last week and found this affordable option – the Boyfriend Plaid Flannel Shirt (on sale for $20). It’s comfortable and casual and I wore it with my Nils Lindsay Leggings ($90, Amazon) which I bought at a local ski store and are the BEST LEGGINGS EVER. I had intended them to be a base layer for outdoor winter use but I’m just obsessed with them and have been wearing them regularly. (They are very thinly lined with a soft fleece and my God, I am NEVER cold when I wear them. And that’s a miracle comment, because I’m always cold.)

Here’s a shot of the shirt a little closer up:

I’m also wearing my favorite pair of Frye Jane Strappy Boots (on HUGE sale – 51% off on 6pm.com!) and my arm candy
Renegade Cluster Bracelet, Inspire Bracelet, Pave Triangle Cuff and the Icon-Convertible Watch.

Screen Shot 2015-11-05 at 5.48.48 PM


Here’s some other fun plaid from Pinterest:

Screen Shot 2015-11-05 at 5.56.19 PM






  1. Love this outfit on you!

  2. You are the epitome of spiffdom in your smart ensemble.

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