Oooooh I know. You’re all, nooooooo, no back to school posts yet! But listen up Sister, it’s the end of July and most definitely time to start thinking about back to school. (Some schools are even starting next week!)

Over here, we’re still very much in summer mode as we’re off on vacation for two weeks next week but I’m also trying to think about back to school since I know we’ll be in a frenzy once vacation is over.

Introducing an awesome backpack option for your kids this year: Sydney Paige. Not only are these great backpack options from a functional perspective but they are a company that does something unique: for every backpack sold, Sydney Paige donates the EXACT one you purchased to a child in need. With your purchase, YOU get to pick the charity the backpack goes to from one of their charity giving partners.

Did I mention that they FILL THE DONATED backpack with school supplies too? For real. Here’s a list of what school supplies get donated depending on the grade.

Screen Shot 2016-07-25 at 11.42.49 AM

Sample backpack donation for a child in grade 3-5

The backpacks come in 4 different sizes. Here’s Nate (12) modeling the World Changer, whichis designed for kids (or adults!) 4 feet to 6.5 feet tall. It’s $65 which I think is pretty comfortable for a competitive backpack – plus knowing you are giving one to someone in need is kinda priceless.

This particular model fits a laptop too so it’s nice for the high school or college aged crew!

There are other models for preschool through all ages too.You can visit the Sydney Paige website to check them out, buy and donate. I love the idea of shopping online WITH your child – let them pick their backpack and then pick which charity they’d like to donate your donation bag to. What a beautiful lesson.

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