Heard of vapor technology?  I hadn’t but it’s what 360Cookware uses with all of their products and it’s really pretty cool.  Using this vapor technology, you never need cook anything on higher than medium heat.  Because of the stainless steal and vapor seal on the cookware, the food cooks evenly on all sides, allowing it to cook it is own juices and stay nice and moist!

I have to admit, it took me a few times to get it right – I burned the first few things I cooked with my 360 pan, but I now have it down to a science and my food has been cooking evenly!  It’s pretty awesome.

From the 360 website:

Vapor Technology allows you to cook utilizing a low to medium heat because the design and metal are so efficient that your food permeates evenly from all sides, allowing food to cook in its own natural juices without the excess water or grease other skillets and saucepans require. Learn how you can use 360 cookware to create healthier versions of all your favorite recipes for entrees, soups, vegetables, rice, sweets, and even frozen foods that your family will love.

So a little birdie told me there’s a big back to school sale starting out today.  If you’re in need of new cookware, 360Cookware’s your place!


  1. I just moved into a new place and was looking for a good set of cookware… I wish that I could get some vapor technology. Yet considering I am not that great of a cook, nor can I afford anything fancy- I settled on something a little bit more affordable for my first house. I was surprised with the great selection they had Overstock.com!! I think that I got a great set, and hope that it may get me in the kitchen more often.

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