Obviously it’s a no brainer that as a Mom, I’m going to love anything that’s both entertaining to my kids and educational.  Reeves Toys makes several products that fit the bill as one of these toys and they are great this time of year as we’re all thinking back-to-school.


For toddlers, they have things like this Scrambled Eggs Toy ($10), which engages young kids to use hand-eye coordination to match colors and geometric shapes.



Also love their Geomag toys, which encourage building for kids ages 5+ which encourage imaginative play.

And one of my favorites from them is this sample we received – Reeves Toys Multiplication Magic ($18):




How great is this for homework help?  Cole’s playing with it here.  He’s entering 1st grade so it may be a little old for him but it’s too young for my 4th grader.  I’d say this is best for a child entering 2nd or 3rd who is just learning multiplication. We’ll be saving and using this over the next couple of years for Cole for sure!


When you press the buttons in, the child can see the answer:

Check out Reeves Toys for a collection of interesting and cool educational toys and products for your child.  In particular, the Early Learning section has tons of great items for back to school like this Multiplication Magic toy as well as addition, subtraction and other cool products that make going back to school a little more fun for the kiddos!


  1. love it!

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