Last year a funny think happened. My kids lost their sweatshirts and sweaters same as every other year. But several of them found their way home to us. We have Mabel’s Labels to thank for that. It’s a back to school ritual for us to sticker all their school jackets, sweaters, shoes and accessories with these durable, washable, identification labels.

I’ve stopped even trying to label the clothes by individual kids, incidentally. With four kids in the house and hand me downs aplenty, we’ve had our labels made to say “Those Maso Kids”, as in… “Who left their sweater on our front porch? Must have been one of those Maso kids…”

I’m on the loss situation this year. I’ve upped the ante with Mabel’s new Teeny Tags. These are going on every lunchbox, backpack and otherwise unlabelled zipper pull for easy and immediate identification purposes.

Looks like “Those Maso Kids” mom will be doing less shopping for replacement goods. In this economy, that is a very good thing.

Mabel’s Labels has an awesome back to school pack on their site that includes all the basics, as well as the new Teeny Tags. Get them now, before sweater loss season sets in!


  1. Great choice for the labels! I have our last name, but added “those … kids” would be more fun. 🙂

    I wanted to add another economical tip: If you’re more likely to be labeling your kids’ shoes for the purposes of finding them quickly at parties and playdates (or allowing childcare providers and other moms to identify them!), you can stretch your shoe label supply by adding one to the right or left shoe only. Doesn’t help if you’re concerned over losing a shoe, but it answers that common question: “Whose shoes are these!?!?” 😉


  2. Hey Krismom, I’ll do you one better. With the shoe labels this year, I cut one down the middle so the left one says “Hol” and the right one says “den” so he can line them up and put them on the right shoe… and, cheap as I am, only use half as many shoe labels.

    I like the last name idea, but I’ve decided to freshen up the labels when passing along the hand-me-downs.

  3. Hey Moms-
    I tried ID Me Labels and they are fantastic. I have two girls of my own and I put labels on all their things for school and daycare. All the labels are dishwasher, microwave and laundry safe. They also have shoe labels called “Sole Mates” which adhere to my girls flip flops and sneakers (great for the swim clubs and gymboree classes). The labels are very cute and multicolored. I can’t live without these labels!
    Hope this helps.

  4. I love Mabel’s Labels… so much so that I became a Mabel’s Labels agent! If anybody would like to buy some for yourself or for gifts, I can offer a 10% off coupon code to you that is valid until Dec. 9th, 2009. Just send me an email at If you see this post after Dec. 9th, 2009, feel free to send me an email anyways and I can let you know if there are any other discounts or promotions going on with Mabel’s Labels at the time. 😉

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