Thanks to Mott’s and last weekend’s Style School, my boys have a renewed love of applesauce.  While they both loved applesauce as babies and toddlers, in recent years they have fancied themselves too cool for school and turned down applesauce repeatedly.  I know it’s because they think it’s for babies.

Even this summer, when I got into eating it myself, they both still insisted that they don’t like applesauce.  (And this isn’t one of those things you can reason.  Yes they drink apple juice.  Yes, they like apples.  No, you can’t tell them that they would then like applesauce because rational thinking does not work with the monkeys I call my children.)

Yet this last weekend, while stuck in traffic getting home from Style School, we all got reinspired with a new love of applesauce after tasting some new products from Mott’s.

In fact, I didn’t even get to have a taste of the new Mott’s product at first – the Snack & Go packs – until later after getting home because my kids had eaten everything we had in the car on the way home.  This is what they look like – I love these for my kids lunches this fall.  It has a twist off top and then it’s easy applesauce on the go!  Since Saturday, my kids have been eating these as if they are going out of style!

Another awesome new product from Mott’s are their Medley Snacks.  These new snack packs from Mott’s are great ways to get your kids to eat fruit and vegetables.

Did you know that the Dietary Guidelines for Americans 2010 recommend making half your plate fruits and vegetables?  Giving your kids Mott’s juices and sauces is a great way to boost their fruit and vegetable intake at lunchtime!

And love that the Medley Juices have vegetables snuck into them too!  Check out this page for a list of Nutrtion facts on the Mott’s for Tots. These juices are 100% juice and has 100% DV Vitamin C.

Another tip from Mott’s nutritionist Lisa Salinas: There’s no best time for snacking.  Snacks are important for fueling children for their various activities and/or until their next meal.  They should mainly be driven by hunger or the need for energy for physical activity.

This is so true.  I have learned over the years that my kids are hungry all of the time.  With growing boys, they are constantly hungry and wanting a snack.  I truly don’t mind them eating throughout the day as long as it’s healthy so it’s nice to have a great option like the ones Motts offers for something tasty that will appeal to them as well as something that will be healthy and beneficial to their growth.  Thanks Mott’s!

Disclaimer:  Mott’s was a sponsor of Style School, an event I hosted in New York City last weekend.


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