No wires, no clutter and an awesome looking design greets me each day when I come down to the kitchen and look upon our new HP Envy 23 All-in-One desktop PC. See this photo on the right?

That’s ALL there is besides the small power wire in the back of the machine. That’s it. No big tower, other extra wires or any other nonsense. We’ve put this computer in our kitchen as it’s the family machine and the reason it’s the family machine?

It’s good for everyone in the family and all of our different computer-needs:

For my boys – it’s crazy fast and the graphics are amazing as they play a variety of games on the computer.
For me and hubby – Beats Audio, awesome audio technology that sounds fantastic. We stream Pandora and it sounds like we’re using souped up speakers but instead it’s just the computer speaker!

Other features:
-Great performance. The HP Envy 23 comes with your choice of a top of the line Intel or AMD processor.
-Blu-Ray Disc Drive! Aww yah.
-A TV tuner! Seriously. We have not yet utilized this feature but I can’t wait to start. I mean, TV right on your computer? Why ever even have to get up? And did I mention how totally awesome the 23″ screen is? It’s really a beautiful thing. From the HP website, “a full 1080p HD 23 diagonal display[1] that gives you a brilliant view of webistes, videos, movies, and everything else.” The HP ENVY 23 is now available on and starts at $949.99.


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