Here’s what back-to-school really means: back to schedules, back to homework and of course, back to making lunches. This school year, my first grader started back to school with this cool lunch carrier – the Rover Lunch Box from Planetbox. This eco-friendly, stainless steel lunch box has been a hit for my first grader (and me!) during the first two weeks of school – here’s why.

All-in-one: Last year, I used a multi-piece set that worked well, but I didn’t like that my son couldn’t see everything that was for lunch at once. Sometimes he’d eat through one compartment and then the other and never make it down to his sandwich. With the Planetbox Rover, he can open the lid and immediately see everything at once.

Divided compartments: Inside the Rover there are 5 compartments for holding food. Plus, if you buy the Rover Complete or the Rover Plus, you receive the Big and Launch Dipper containers that have silicone rubber seals in the lids to hold wet, messy foods. We’ve tried these with yogurt, applesauce and salsa and haven’t had any leakage.

Dishwasher-safe: Need I say more?

Stainless steel: I love that the Planetbox material is not only safe for my kids and easy to keep clean, but also that I can put the whole Planetbox in the fridge to help food stay extra cold and fresh until lunch time.

Fun for kids: My kids dig compartments. I can’t explain why, but they like seeing their food laid out in the Planetbox. I don’t know if there’s any science to prove it, but if it gets them to eat more of their lunch, I’ll take it. The Planetboxes also have a dozen different magnets sets that attach to the front of the lunch box helping your kid to personalize his Planetbox and helping you differentiate between your kids’ boxes. One magnet set comes with each Complete Planetbox or can be purchased a la carte.

We tried out the Rover Complete ($59.95) which comes with a Rover lunch box, a Launch Dipper and Big Dipper container, one magnet set and a carry bag. The carry bag also has an interior spot for an ice pack (sold separately or you can use your own), a water bottle pocket on the outside and a Velcro-closure pocket for holding utensils, a napkin or an easy-access snack.

The only problem I’ve found so far is that some times I have trouble fitting what I’m planning on giving my son for lunch that day. On the far right picture above, you can see I had a sandwich and a TJ’s Crusher which both would have fit best in the large container. None of the containers are large enough to fit a whole sandwich, but fortunately Planetbox also makes the Launch lunch box which has fewer, larger compartments and is better suited to older kids and adults.

Visit to view all their sets and options and make back-to-school lunch making – and eating – more fun this year!


Kate Bayless is a writer, editor and lunch-packer. She is available for hire for the first two. You can visit her at or @katebayless. Samples were provided for the review.

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