AniOilily.jpgWe have a tradition each new school year, of picking out at least one special “back to school” outfit for each child in the family. Since it’s an outfit I know they will take pictures in and that will likely be saved, it’s got to be something super special. As a longtime fan of Oilily, I usually look first to this line. Each fall I anxiously await their new fall collection, I can hardly wait to see it! And this year I am utterly enchanted by this Oilily velveteen jumper and tee (pictured on my second grade bound daughter) available from West Village Kids.
If you are not already a fan of Oilily, you need to know that the beauty of this brand is more than meets the eye. What you cannot see about this super soft and whimsically printed jumper is what is going on on the inside. Oilily clothes have a heart. On this jumper it means that the pockets are lined in a lovely floral cotton print, and even the inside trim along the hem is a cute striped print. Oilily specializes in these unique and endearing details, that give their clothes unsurpassed charm and win fans far and wide. Every item is high quality and made with a tailor’s exactness.
West Village Kids is one of only a few stores in the US that sells Oilily online and was honored to preview their fall collection before it even hit the shelves. In addition to Oilily, West Village kids stocks a huge variety of unique and wonderful boutique brands for dressing your children with flair. It’s like a gourmet buffet of kiddie couture.
But one thing that is for sure about the selection at West Village Kids is that the items are never overly precious or impractical. These are clothes for real kids. Their motto is “People will ask where you got it” and this is definitely the truth!
Mommies with Style go back to school in style when you shop at West Village Kids and use the coupon code MWSfall to save 15% now through Sept 30th.

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