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It’s been hard to concentrate the last few days knowing that we’re headed down to the sunshine and magic of Disney this week! We’re headed south today and we’re all excited: we all very desperately need a vacation.

A couple of years ago, hubby decided that a February trip somewhere south was NECESSARY for the better mental health of everyone in our family. We did it for many years. Sadly, we didn’t get it together this year and never went south. So I’ve really missed the sun and warmth – especially this year and given that it’s been pouring and colder-than-usual in Philly lately. But now we’re headed to the Disney Social Media Moms conference for little work & fun for me and all fun for my guys.

I can’t wait to bring you all some fun posts about what we do down there and of course share along the way. Follow me on Instagram or Snapchat (@whitneywingerd) to get the live scoop along the way.

And here’s some oldie but goodie posts I’ve done in the past related to either the Disney Social Media Moms conference or just Disney trips in general:

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There’s more but those are some of the gems.

And now I’m off to load up the car(check out one of our suitcases –this adorable Minnie suitcase that American Tourister sent for the conference), pick up the kids and get a move on to the airport!

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