I love to bake. And this time of year I am constantly baking. The holiday season is always so busy for us, I like anything that will save me a little time. Parchment paper is one of my favorite, can’t live without, baking products. It’s great for lining cookie sheets and cake pans. It helps my cakes pop out of the pan so easily. The only downside is having to spend all that time tracing and cutting out the parchment circles to fit the insides of the pans. And frankly, I’m not the best cutter. They never fit my pans all that well and they inevitably roll up. I started using Sutton Parchment Pre-Cut Baking Rounds. With Sutton’s pre-cut parchment, I can just take one, place it in the pan and I’m done. Sutton also uses a silicone infused paper (not one infused with vegetable oil, many are made that way) which helps for more even baking.
Sutton Parchment is offering MWS readers 15% off. You can visit www.suttonparchment.com to check out the product and call 901.754.4884 or email kelliesutton@bellsouth.net to place your order. Be sure to mention “Mommies with Style” to take advantage of the 15% discount.

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