On March 1st, Disney will be releasing this Diamond Edition of Bambi.  The Blu-Ray and DVD combo pack includes both discs and you can get it at a great discounted price of $24.99 on Amazon with free shipping (it will be retailing for $39.99)

What do you think of the movie Bambi?  I saw a lot of negative reviews on Amazon of Moms not wanting to show it to their kids because of the early death of Bambi’s mother in the beginning of the movie.

It’s sad for sure but I don’t know how this is any different than Finding Nemo?  Disney definitely has some sadness in a lot of their movies.  Will you let your kids watch Bambi or is it too sad?

Get Bambi’s Diamond Edition on Amazon at the pre-order price of $24.99.  It will ship on March 1st.

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