Hey Guys! I wanted to share with you some really cool products from Crayola and Barbie. They have come together to give us the best of Crayola’s creativity and the fashion and fun of Barbie! Watch my unboxing here on YouTube:

This is just awesome! I love that you can create your own fashion. My brother is really into design and fashion and thought this was great to be able to design and create custom dresses. And what’s best is you can do it over and over again because it is all washable! Watch my brother, Alex, do a full review here on YouTube:


So this is the best because it is absolutely no mess. My mom lets me play with this on my bed because all you need is water to design these dresses. It comes with a brush that uses water to magically change Barbie’s white dress to glittery colors. And the surprise is that the dress reveals fruit and smells sweet like cotton candy. See my full review on YouTube:


This is my favorite. It’s like a brief case full of the best Crayola crayons. It has so many crayons-one section is just pinks and purples that are glitter, vibrant and every color Barbie would LOVE. It also has markers, color pencils and even more crayons of all colors. I love that it is in a case so I can take it when I travel on a plane or have to go to a soccer game far away.

You can find these great Barbie Crayola toys on Amazon: Barbie Crayola Color Magic Station Doll & Playset, Blonde: Toys & Games Barbie Crayola Rainbow Fruit Surprise Doll and Fashions, Dark Hair: Toys & Games

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