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At our school’s recent book fair, my 10 year old picked up this book: Basher History:  States & Capitals – United We Stand ($8.09, Amazon).  He’s in 5th grade and will be learning all of the states and capitals this year so I thought it was great that he bought this.  Colorful and animated, I wasn’t surprised either – this book actually makes learning fun!  As I started flipping through it, I realized it was not only educational but entertaining – the folks at Basher History have a sense of humor and their witty insights even amused and kept me entertained!  But the best part is that HE loves this and was flipping through it and hopefully absorbing and learning some of the facts.  For fun!  I was definitely impressed with this one.

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So then, when I was back at the book fair this week for my 2nd Grader, my eye caught on another Basher book that was for sale there:  Basher History:  Mythology – Oh MY!  Gods & Goddesses.  Cole was all over buying this one because Thor is on the cover and he happens to currently be obsessed with Thor.  But besides that, he came home and started reading it and was sharing with me all the facts about the Gods as he learned them.  The writers of these books just crack me.  For each God, they tell you what the God’s name rhymes with – do you know what they say for Poseidon?  “Rhymes with Joe Biden.”

Basher also have books about the US Presidents, Basher Science – Oceans, Human Body – A Book with Guts, and more!  I’m all over ordering a few more of these for the holidays.

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