I hadn’t heard of Calendula Cream until today, when a friend was sharing that her little one has really bad eczema (poor thing) and asking for advice. Another friend recommended Calendula Cream.
About 30 minutes later, I opened my desk draw to grab some samples and found a sample of Sweetsations Therapy’s Baby Sweet Kisses Organic Calendula Cream for dry skin. Not having a baby, I tried it on my very, very, very dry skin. It goes on very smooth, lightly and clear and has an extremely soft scent. All ideal for putting on a baby. I’m now adding Calendula Cream to my list of things to have for baby.
Also by Sweetsation Therapy for expecting moms, check out their Organic Morning Sickness Elevating Lip Balm. Its a lip balm that keep your lips super soft, plus its made with a blend of Litsea and Peppermint oils, scents that lessen morning sickness. For only $4, definitely something you or your pregnant friend will want on a keychain.
And since you’re shopping Sweetsation Therapy, check out their Organic Elasti*Belly Stretch Marks Miracle Cream and Oil, both with Caviar Extract. They have a light consistency and scent, and once applied, you can feel the moisture seeping in.
Use code 15FORME at checkout for a 15% discount on your Sweetsation Therapy purchase.

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