Admit it, we’ve all woken with bags under our eyes, shaved to reveal chappy, scaly skin and lost the luster of our teens. Today, I’m sharing a few products moms will love… and I’m sure appreciate.
Eye Slices Professional I’ve always heard of it and maybe even thought of trying it. The idea of putting cucumbers or teabags on my eyes to sooth redness, elimimate bags and calm irritation is dreamlike. But I never actually did it. When I received Eyeslices I finally had a chance to try out the sensation, and learn how it works. And, you know, this combination of aloe, water, soybean protien and other ingredients not only makes a difference in the look and feeling of my eyes, it truly relaxes me. Put a set of slices in your cart today. You’ll recieve a holder as well as 2 reusable eyeslices pads. Use code EYE 19 to save 10%.
I’ll admit, I usually shave with whatever liquid moisturizing soap is closest. But when I do spoil my folicles, I notice not only a difference in the ease of the shave, but also in the result–its more smooth and my legs stay shinier, longer. So, with spring and shorts, skirts and tanktops in the future, I’ve been trying out different shave creams, specifically trying to not break the bank in doing so. I’m kinda attached to Pure Silk, because it really is silkier (and its not something my husband will attempt to borrow.) Love the Raspberry MIst scent. And I found it on sale at Walgreens, 2 for only $2.
Its been a really dry winter in a really dry house. And when I’m feeling dry and dull, I love a hot, hot shower. Of course, following the hot shower with cold air can lead to more dullness and dryness in my skin. But when I use Mama Mio’s Moisturizing Shower Cream, I find I can begin to moisturize in the shower, so that stepping out into the dry heat doesn’t do as much damage. Its silky and smooth–and helps you to feel moisture, even when dry.

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