timiandleslie.jpg Like many new moms, I started out motherhood fully obsessed with Diaper bags. Motherhood was scary and unfamiliar, but accessories, I knew. I considered myself an expert on changing bags, long before I was an expert on changing diapers.
Once I was an expert at the diapering, however, I found myself gazing longingly back to my former playground. The “regular” handbag section. I assembled a clever collection of pouches and ziplocs for wipes, clothes, snacks. One day I popped it all into a much neglected designer bag from the good old days. I proudly showed this to my mommy friends. “See,” I bragged, “I don’t need a /diaper/ bag!”.
“Oh yeah, haute mama?” they laughed, sadly shaking their heads, “So where exactly do you put the sippy cup?”
“Sippy cup… uh… uh… sippy….” I stammered. “Sippy cups go in the stroller holder! Or in the car. Plenty of room in there for the sippies!”
I shuddered. Although milk may come from a cow, the mere thought of a sippy cup full of milk in a chic leather designer bag is enough to cause me to freak out.
I could feel the consternation of the other moms. I could see the way they eyed my toddler for possible signs of dehydration. I knew what they were thinking! And worse, I knew they had a point. But I was sick of checking my sense of style at the door. There had to be a solution. Something that made me feel chic. Without making me freak.
The Femme Chic collection from Timi and Leslie, was the answer to my fashion prayers.
On the outside this new bag from the well respected manufacturer, is pure class. The elegantly quilted tote, in rich luxurious leather reminds me of Marc Jacobs or Chanel – it has a pure designer vibe. It lives up to the Femme Chic name. And it’s pleasantly lightweight for a leather bag of this size. It sits comfortably on the shoulder. And the color choices like caramel, coco and noir/black reflect the classy vibe completely. These bags go with everything, from jeans to work clothes.
But it’s what’s inside that makes the difference. Big difference. A waterproof croc embossed lining. With plenty of slots for sippy cups. And whatever else you need to tote. Pockets galore. It’s the first bag that I’d actually put (deep breath) milk in. Without flinching. My children need thirst no more.
Another great functional feature that this bags boasts are the fully hidden stroller straps. Integrated into the interior, they make the bucket tote completely stroller friendly in two quick clips. So you need not fret about bringing any other bag to the mall. Don’t be surprised if you get asked, by some non mommy types, where you got the gorgeous purse.
Mommies with Style, order your Timi and Leslie Femme Chic bag from My Little Ducks and get free shipping plus a “Duck Bucks” Certificate worth $20 off your next purchase when you enter the phrase “Duck Bucks” in the comments field at checkout.

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