BePrepared_DripDrops-lg.jpgIf ever there was a bag that was named perfectly, this is it! Jujube’s Be Prepared bag is a boyscout’s dream. And we all know that behind every successful boyscout, there stands a mom who is an organizational freak. What, you think McGuyver popped out of the womb ready to disarm a bomb and patch a hot air ballon with bubblegum?
The Be Prepared bag is BIG. It’s probably not the sort of bag you’d carry, fully loaded on your person all day every day. But with the included stroller straps, it is the perfect bag to pack up for a long day at the zoo or a theme park. Or just to hang on your stroller for a day at the mall with twins. It’s also the perfect travel diaper bag. You could fly to China with this bag as your kid-bag carry on, and still have room for your laptop.
Jujube’s fan club is legendary. They even have their own forum to chat about, trade, and share their thoughts on the bags – the Pink Room. The clever designers take their user’s input seriously – and the results are bags that are not just beautiful. They are also extremely functional and practical, with every little “extra” you could wish for.
What I love about the Be Prepared:
* Memory Foam in the changing pad
* Pockets Galore for EVERYTHING
* Tuck-able tote bag handles and detachable messenger strap – straps have no-slip grips
* Details, details – included stroller straps, luggage feet and high quality metal rings and fittings
* Machine washable, teflon coated fabric. Yes – machine washable!
* Insulated pockets
If you are curious about this bag (and the entire product line) click through to Jujube for a video tour as well as a detailed look at what’s inside.
I wasn’t joking about the trip to China, by the way. As an adoptive mom I belong to several mailing lists where international adoption and what to pack for the trip is a hot discussion topic. People are always asking me for recommendations. The answer, from now on, is clear. Best to Be Prepared!


  1. Love it!

  2. ooooh, that will be going on my eternally-busy-and-ridiculously-overpacked-mommy wishlist!

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