Big waves on the east coast of Florida - residual effects from Irene

Normally, I love a good storm.  I’ve been loving the thunderstorms we’ve had the last few weeks.  But Irene means business and isn’t any laughing matter.

Ironically, hubby, kids and I are down in Florida for one last summer vacation and not home in Philly.  Florida, the hurricane state, escaped Irene’s wrath for the most part.  We’ve been visiting the beach the last few days but not daring to venture into the water as there have been some serious riptides and surf.

Meanwhile, I’m worried about everyone back north!  I’ve been obsessively watching the Weather Channel because that’s what I do.  It’s looking omnious!

Be safe, my friends.  I’ll be checking Twitter and Facebook all weekend and expect you all to keep me updated with some good photos and tweets and letting me know that you are all safe and sound.


  1. It’s not looking so bad in Philly just yet. Some clouds, but we’ll try to keep you posted via Twitter on how everything’s looking! Other than that, hope you’re enjoying Florida! I’m glad the hurricane hasn’t put too much of a damper on your vaca!

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