bearhands My 4-year-old is one who gives a title to every item. He has his “mud shoes”, his “speed shoes” and his “cute shoes.” His hats are his “Pop-pop hat”, his “smart hat” and his “sports hat” (but not in soccer. “Soccer players don’t wear hats, Mommy.”) So upon receiving BearHands mittens, it took only seconds to name his gloves, and they were instantly in his must wear drawer. He loves them.

And not only are they now named, but they’re cute and warm. Bearhands mittens are really thick thinsulate mittens with a cute little shape and lots of space for movement. So when you’re child is outside this winter wearing his Bear Hands fleece mittens he’s sure to have warm hands. And for older kids and adults, the larger sizes have a special perk: when the wearer needs his fingers or hands, with a quick mitten slip the bare hands and fingers are exposed and easily usable, while the mitten’s wrist band stays attached.

Starting at $12.99, adorable bearhands is another great gift for this holiday season. Check out other accessories on their website. I’m planning to order mitten clips so that, hopefully, these cute mittens will last through the season.  Use code ONL10 for a 10% discount off your purchase through December 15, 2009.


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