I just cannot get over how things have changed in 6 years. Seriously. “Way back when” there seemed to be only one nipple cream on the market. And everyone pregnant woman I knew used it. It was sticky. I recall thinking to myself “well, as sticky and gross as it feels, at least its healthy, right?” And I do remember nights of relief when I did smear it on my chapped nipples.

And here we are, just 6 years later and I’m finding there are so many choices when it comes to nipple cream (and if you’ve been pregnant before, you know how important nipple cream is.) So I was thrilled to test out Nipple Gel by Beaute de Maman, a natural nipple gel alternative. Its not greasy and sticky, so it doesn’t stick to your bra, and it does allow your skin to breath as it soothes chappy, dry nipples. (Okay, I’m not breastfeeding yet, but I’m certainly doing everything I can to lather my dry skin and keep it healthy this time around.) The main ingredient, Calendula, which I’ve written of before, is a fantastic healer that I’ve been using to on my kids “owies” recently, I’m certain is going to be so helpful when the baby begins breastfeeding and my nipples dry out (its ineveitable… at least this time I’m certain to expect it.)

Also from Beaute de Maman, the Stretchmark Cream is a natural cream that goes on light and smooth. Its said to aid in the prevention of stretchmarks and I’ll do anything to avoid those! This cream contains “all natural botanical and herbal ingredients which help to preserve the skin’s elasticity and suppleness.”

Mommies with Style can use coupon code GIFTBOX for $2.00 off any Beaute de Maman product when you order online. Code can be used one time and expires 5.17.2009.


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