champagne Jolee Klugherz and I have been friends since I was younger than Little. I am, and have always been, in awe of her talent.

1o years ago I received the most beautiful engagement gift: artwork by Jolee. Since they day we received it, my husband and I have hung the art in a prominent place in our home. Our Let’s Toast picture  includes terms of love, endearment, trust and excitment. 

This fall, in honor of Little’s birth, we were gifted a baby design in the flower style, also by Jolee Klugherz. What makes this so special is that its completely personalized. More than just Little’s name and birthdate, the picture includes her brothers’ names, the huz’ and my names, height, weight and more. flowersbright

What I love about the artwork at JRK Designs is the way personalized words so easily mesh into the art. Every time we look at the pictures we notice new words and terms. From afar, it looks to be a funky design around a focus point, but as one walks closer to inspect, she realizes the detail in the art.

JRK Designs can be gifted for weddings, babies, children, house warmings and other celebrations. In addition to the word designs series, you’ll find paintings in a similar style as well as one-of-a-kind beaded pens (great teacher and family gifts.)

Both pictures were gifted to me during milestones in my life.


  1. Karen Whisler says

    Do you know if Jolee is still doing her baby art? Shes amazing! But her original website seems to be gone –

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