I’m constantly amazed at the wealth of choices in beautiful baby gear these days.  I feel like an old lady when I comment that, “we didn’t have products like this when I was going through it!”  But we truly didn’t.  

When my oldest (6) was an infant, the choices were no where near as amazing.  Baby products have come a long way.

I recently received a shipment of Kenneth Brown samples, which is what prompted this post and my observation of the state of beautiful baby products that are available to Moms with newborns in 2010.  You can buy his designs exclusively at Babies R Us – including baby bedding, wall decals, children’s lamps, mobiles and more. The items are manufactured by Summer Infant.

For more pictures and info, visit Kenneth Brown’s website. Also, Babies R Us currently has free shipping on any purchase over $100.


  1. Hi,
    Sorry to contact you through the comment section, but your contact form is not working for some reason. I am looking for an email address for the person to talk with about simply mentioning my blog on your site. I am not selling a product. Just have a blog that I think people would have fun with. Reading or participating. Anyway, could you direct me to the right person?


  2. Laurie Guidry says

    Can you tell me when the curtain sheers are going to be available for the sweet stitches collection from Kenneth Brown?

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