cariboobassinet.jpg Ever since the very first night that baby Leo spent at home, he has been sleeping in a gorgeous classic bassinet from Cariboo. I have only one regret about this bassinet. That I did not have it for my other three kids.Cariboo makes a high quality product. Their pieces are hand crafted in New Zealand from sustainable radiata wood, with a lead-free finish, PBDE-free mattress and formaldehyde-free bassinet board. You can choose from one of three finishes. We chose the mahogany finish, that blends perfectly with our bedroom furniture. Which makes it so much easier to keep the baby in the room with us. No cringing at ugly baby gear here!
The design of the Cariboo Bassinet is simple but still so much nicer than anything I had for my others. Poor neglected other kids! We kicked them all out of our room by the time they were two months old, but little Leo will be enjoying the infant version of “late check out” from the master-suite hotel. Because the size of the Cariboo bassinet is so generous (depth and lengthwise) we know we will get far more use out of this bassinet than smaller bassinets. And it will serve a purpose even once Leo has finally outgrown it as a sleep place. At this point we will use it as an elevated toy chest. It’s just too lovely to relegate to an attic
caribootagblue.jpgI love the simple off white cotton cover that came with the bassinet, but when we move the ensemble to the nursery, I’m looking forward to switching the fabric portion of the bassinet to one of these gorgeous designs from babystar (for Cariboo). I’m partial to the dots in Tag Blue, which is the same pattern Christina Aguillera has for baby Max Liron. Other celebrities who own the Cariboo Bassinets include Mariska Hargitay, Tori Spelling, Jennifer Garner, and Jessica Alba .
One other thing I was thrilled to discover about the Cariboo Bassinet, is that it works perfectly with out Babysense monitor. This monitor that senses your baby’s micro movements and alerts you of any interruption in breathing, is something that has allowed us to get to sleep whenever our baby (finally!) does. A fine thing indeed! There was no need to retro-fit or mess with the bassinet to get the device to work in it.
myearthbutton.jpgThe Cariboo Bassinet is available with accessories including an attachment that lets you use it as a changing table, and a play-gym that can be used to suspend toys over the bassinet, or when removed, to place over your baby on the floor.
cariboogym.jpg I’m such a huge Cariboo fan that I would be remiss if I did not mention their luxurious Puretec Earth Blanket by Cariboo. This blanket is not cheap, at $99 it’s a splurge, but it is truly special and reminds me of the blankets I had as a baby.
I must say – I’m aiming for a less is more approach this time around and only buying things I really love. Sometimes it costs a little more, but in the end it costs less because instead of buying five so so “eh” items and still feeling unfulfilled, we buy just the one item we love. We tuck one of these fabulous Earth Blankets around Leo’s toes, in his Cariboo Bassinet every night, and he actually seems to have a preference for it, even at 7 weeks of age. The perfect -for- any-climate weight, warmth, and quality of this blanket make it our consistant go-to. It’s non itchy, dries in a flash and like all other Cariboo products, is earth friendly and formaldehyde free.
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  1. Wow!! It seems that this Bassinets are the famous for superstar moms. That seems pretty amazing , since it was used by the famous women’s on one of my favorite stars which is Jennifer Garner.
    I will buy like this for my cute angel. Do you have any idea how much is this? I bet it’s at a high price. Can you recommend where to buy at a reasonable price?

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