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This is sweet. Two middle school aged girls named Eliza and Sylvia created this bracelet business called Small Gesture.

Sylvia and Eliza say, “As tweens, we experience the typical middle school life. We know that it’s easy to get distracted by social media, gossiping, and being perfect. Most of us are so busy that we forget about the simple gestures we should make everyday.

We had an idea to create a way to remind ourselves and others about doing small acts of kindness. The “bee bracelet” serves as just that. Whenever you see it, do that small gesture to make your life and those around you better.”

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It’s just simple & sweet and wonderful and definitely something I can get behind. These girls donate 30% of all proceeds towards important causes.

You can also watch their totally adorable video about Small Gesture that explains why they started and the causes they are supporting:


And of course, you can support them by purchasing a bracelet at SmallGesture.Org!

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