bellarisa1.jpgSome baby items are so adorable they literally cause your loins to ache. This collection of floral embellished hats, put together by Bellarisa, is just that sort of thing. These hats are simply exquisite – a definite showstopper and the piece de resistance for any outfit.
I checked out three of their designs: a crocheted hat($24), a stretchy headband with flower ($18), and a cotton knit beanie with blossom ($25). Each one was more divine than the next. Even my mom and my 11 yr old were all over these hats, oohing and ahing and looking accusingly at my rounded pregnant bellyfull-o-boy. The hats are sheer girly perfection and would completely dazzle as a shower gift or special gift for a baby or toddler girl. They are also a perfect choice paired with holiday outfits or for a special portrait.
One small request to Bellarisa – please make some enchanting boy’s hats? I don’t want to have to get knocked up all over again so I can dress my babies in your adorable designs. Save me from myself, please!? In the meantime, I’ve got a new sure-fire baby girl gift to give and have bookmarked the site.
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