Is you child’s wardrobe suffering from the post-holiday blahs? Before you hit the mall in search of a little mid-winter perk up, check out the gorgeous custom clothing at Bercot Childrenswear.You’ll find lots of goodies for now, and to carry you well into the spring. I recently recieved some of their clothes for my daughters and was seriously impressed. There is a sweet nostalgia and human artistry to these items that you just cannot find at a chain store. Items are all made in limited quantities and feel like they were custom created expressly for your child. But the prices are extremely fair and reasonable in price. The quality is excellent. These are clothes favored by the most discriminating boutique and pageant shoppers. Many items are currently on sale. Click here to get to their site before these special items are all gone! My top pick from the sale section? This untterly adorable Ladybug Outfit.


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