cheekeyes.jpgIt’s getting easier to find beautiful heirloom quality toys these days. But it’s not everyday that you find a toy as cheerful and pleasing as Cheekeyes. They are more than toys, they are works of art. Ergonomic, aesthetically pleasing, happy and gorgeous. I wish every toy in my house were as beautiful as Cheekeyes.
Just watching my child play with these toys makes my heart glow. The creativity and originality that comes out of the playtime with these simple animals is magical. No electronic sounds, no preconceived notions about characters or Disney/Nickelodeon/Noggin stories to base his play on. It’s all him and his imagination. The way it really should be.
Cheekeyes are carried by Oompa Toys which is one of my very favorite online toystores. They seem to go to the ends of the earth to find the most beautiful handcrafted “forever” toys. The ones you’ll love again when your grandkids play with them. If you’re still looking for inspired gifts, have a click around Oopma and check the Cheekeyes out!

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