btfly_group I have a little stainless steel cup from my childhood that I consider a classic work of art. Simple and uncomplicated in design, it looks as good now as it did when I pounded it on the table at two, demanding more juice.  “Why don’t they make stuff like this anymore?” I asked my husband, when my daughters were little. He shrugged and pointed at a plastic sippy, “cause now we have these”.

The last couple of years have brought many changes and increased awareness of the dangers of plastics. There’s a return to classic materials – glass bottles, ceramic bowls, and with Untangled Living’s new Anyware collection, a whole little “mess kit” for kids in stainless steel.

I’m so thrilled with this find. I can imagine my kids using this classic, durable, heirloom quality dishware with their own children, much like I have shared my own little mug with them. It’s beautiful in form and in function. The square plate keeps messy food contained, the small bowl is the perfect size for snacks and the fork and spoon are so well sized for little hands. It’s shatterproof, unlike porcelain, glass and ceramics. The one caveat is that it’s definitely not to be used in the microwave. So far for us, this has not been a problem.

I can’t imagine any of my children handing their kids a drink in a battered plastic cup and saying “this was mine when I was little”. I can, however imagine that a couple of decades from now, this dishware from Untangled Living will look as good as it does now, and continue to be treasured.

I’ve got Untangled Living Anyware dishware on my list of thoughtful new baby/first birthday presents. Safe, eco friendly and destined for family heirloom status… what more could you ask for in a gift?


  1. I think one of the dangers that involve the use of these stainless steel components is their sharpness. My daughter got a cut from pressing her lips too hard against the metal. I have to remind her not to do that. LOL. Anyway, it’s a great article and it is pretty safe once we teach the kids about how to handle it. I think it’s also fundamental that we teach our kids about how to preserve the environment- eco-awareness, so to speak.

  2. Ciaran/Momfluential says

    The edges of out set are smooth and polished and we have not had any incidents or injuries with ours. It’s something I will keep an eye out for in the future when shopping for stainless steel items. I know the cup from my childhood has sharper edge than this set. It’s also important to make sure the stainless steel is of high quality and lead free – this Untangled Living set has been certified that it is safe. Some stainless coming out of china is actually not pure however and can contain lead. Use caution when shopping.

  3. Thanks for the heads up about chinaware. I guess China’s earned that reputation of having lead in all of their products. LOL.

  4. This is so true! I remember a Peter Cottontail baby fork and spoon from when I was little. What’s more… it was passed down to me from my mother (she used it too when she was a child).

    Sometimes practicality does win out over heirloom… but it shouldn’t always. I will say, I do happily remember the plastic sipper-seal cups (plastic). I even bought a set to have on hand for my nephews when they visit.

  5. That was a cute set of stainless dinnerware. Do they get scracthes after you use them for a while? I would enjoy using them as much as I sue china dinnerware.

  6. Hey, cool post. I just now came across your website and I’m already a fan. 🙂

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