hairband.jpgGorgeous, stunning and breathtaking comes to mind when I think of Andrea’s Beau handmade hair accessories. Seriously, they are the most beautiful and elegant hair accessories I have ever seen, and, there is such an extensive collection to choose from!
Andrea’s Beau handmade designs embody simple elegance, highest quality imported materials and a touch of whimsy. Andrea uses silk and velvet flowers from Eastern Europe and all over the world. Ribbons and trims are chosen for their unusual textures and colors. The look is classic, but Andrea enjoys mixing traditional lines with the exotic. Her designs are inspired by her love of gardens, ballet costumes and deliciously decorated cakes. Andrea’s passion for fashion and design is a family tradition; her grandfather was a dress manufacturer, and her father owned well-known women’s boutiques in New York City. Additionally, Andrea’s mother is a noted artist. When designing her collection, Andrea incorporates a little bit from each of them.
headband2.jpgTake a look at the extensive, beautiful collection of Pastels, Whimsies, Classics, Textures and Treasures for Girls. In addition, they offer a wide selection available for Women. One of my daughter’s favorites is the Adjustable Soft Headbands. The adjustable elasticized strap makes it so comfortable for toddlers on up! It is her new “favorite” and I have to say, I don’t mind her wearing it all of the time because it is so pretty and made to hold up to my 4-year old constantly taking it in and out of her hair.
headband3.jpgIf you would like to learn more about the different types of hair accessories, take a look here. It is a great guide to help you understand about the variety of accessories Andrea’s Beau makes!
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